Chinese Name: (5aS,10bR)-5a,10b-二氢-2-(2,4,6-三甲基苯基)-4H,6H-茚并[2,1-b][1,2,4]三唑[4,3-d][1,4]恶嗪四氟硼酸盐

CAS No.: 1061311-82-7 Product Number: 134875

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CAS No. 1061311-82-7 Appearance Please contact us
Molecular Formula C21H22N3O·BF4 Specific rotation N/A
Molecular Weight 419.2 Melting point N/A
Purity ≥98% Boiling point N/A
Optical purity ≥99%e.e. Density N/A


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