Daicel Reagents business is an integrated
combination of products, technology and services.

Chiral Reagents

Daicel Chiral Technologies (China) CO., LTD started reagent business in 2010. With advanced technology in asymmetric catalysis, chiral analysis and chiral separation, we offer chiral reagents with high chemical purity and high optical purity.

Catalog Products
Chiral Sulfonic Acid
Chiral Squaramides Organocatalysts
Cinchona Alkaloids
Proline-Based Organocatalysts
MacMillan Imidazolidinone Organocatalysts
Chiral Imidazoles
Chiral N-Triflyl Phosphoramides
Chiral Amines
Chiral Amino Acids
Chiral Amino Alcohols
Chiral Alcohols
Chiral Heterocyclic Building Blocks
Chiral Auxiliaries
Medicinal Intermediate
Business Introduction

High Chemical Purity
Optical Purity

  • Chiral Ligands
  • Chiral Catalysts
  • Chiral Building Blocks
  • Chiral Auxiliaries
  • Chiral Organic Small molecule Catalysts

Expert Practice in Chiral Tech

  • Asymmetric Catalytic Technique
  • Chiral Analysis Service
  • Chiral Separation Service

High Selectivity and Activity
Excellent Catalysts and Technology

  • Catalyst Screening Service
  • Process Research & Development
  • Asymmetric catalysis technology combined with chiral chromatography technology

  • Develop organic catalysts and ligands for the synthesis of high activity drugs

  • Cooperation with experts and scholars

  • Develop new products with new asymmetric synthesis methods.